March of the Mad Lich

First Session: Dying to Meet the Gods

The players....get killed!

Everything was fine in the village of Tarik, until A BLOODTHRISTY UNDEAD DRAGON attacked the village, decimating it and killing many of the townsfolk. Some were saved, however, when the gods Zurac and Hahsal intervened, pulling them to Hahsal’s grove. They explained that some powerful being had ressurected that dragon, and had gave it the powerful amulet that had absorbed magic from the mages of the village. Giving the amulet to the remaining villagers and telling them to leave the ashes of Tarik, the gods sent them back to Tarik.

The first stop was at Killisixis, the above-ground trading area on the island between the kobolds and the rest of the island. After Six informed the elder there of what had happened, the elder gave them the only helpful information he had: that a strange merchant named Holaf had bought a massive amount of metal ore from the kobolds, and had left the island. Now the heroes go to search the island for clues about Holaf, and to see if he had anything to do with the destruction of Tarik.

Also, they killed some goblins.




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